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For Automotive Professionals, Rousseau optimizes floor space, efficiently organizes parts and tools and offers a Modern and Attractive Look.
Rousseau meets all your requirements with a wide range of Products that are flexible, modular and easily configured. Whether you are looking for Tool Boxes, a Complete Technician Work Center or a Complete and Integrated Storage Solution, we have what you need.
Service Storage Equipment
Rousseau automotive bench GT workcenters for technicians Rousseau mobile toolbox Mobile toolboxes
Rousseau workbench Basic workstations Rousseau toolbox Stationary toolbox
Rousseau storage lockers Storage units Rousseau tech caddy Tech caddies
Rousseau reel cabinets Reel cabinets Rousseau specialized workstation Specialized units: Wash Stations and Express Lube
Parts Storage Equipment
Rousseau service counter Service counters Rousseau specialized rack Specialized Storage
Rousseau spider shelving with drawers Spider® Shelving with Drawers Rousseau specialized toolbox Cabinets for specialized tools
Rousseau spider shelving Spider® Shelving System Rousseau spider mini racking Spider® Mini-racking
Rousseau workbench Basic workstations Mobile Shelving and Mini-Racking Mobile Shelving and Mini-Racking

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Parts Solutions
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For more information on Rousseau visit our main website at www.rousseaumetal.com or call us at 1 866 463-4270.
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